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Becoming A Mother Is So Painful, But Nothing In The World Compares To This Miracle

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I am sitting beside my one-and-half-year-old daughter who is asleep. I decided to pen down my feelings here. The minute we women get to know about our pregnancies, we feel so happy, excited and a little scared, in fact, it's a mixed feeling. And those 9 or 10 months are no less than a roller coaster ride, there is so much we have to go through - morning sickness, tiredness, throwing up whatever we consume, at times drinking water is also a challenge, back pain which does not let us sleep for almost the entire night, other complications, frequent visits to the washroom etc.

But in between all this, the most beautiful feeling is to have our little one’s tiny legs softly kicking us. After this 9 months roller coaster ride, it's time for our little ones to see this world. Be it C-sections or a natural deliveries, both are so painful for mothers.

Once the baby is taken out of the womb, even in the pain we feel so happy. That moment will be the happiest for any woman in this world, yes she will smile even in that pain and she would manage to ask if her baby is all healthy and fine. Holding those tiny hands and taking our little ones in our hands is such a beautiful feeling, which no poet can describe. And then there is so much a mother will go through with little ones - sleepless nights, feeding the baby all day and night, changing nappies or diapers every now and then etc. But there will still be people complaining about the way one takes care of their baby. It is so much fun to watch the little one crawling, walking for the 1st time with those tiny legs, smiling at us, playing and jumping around. We feel bad to see them getting hurt and falling down but it's a part of childhood.

Running behind them, feeding them, bathing them will for sure make us tired, we might sit down to relax for a couple of minutes but again the minute we hear them cry our body is boosted with energy to run towards our little ones and make sure all is well.

During pregnancy, visiting the washroom often was common and now going to the washroom becomes a challenge. I know all mothers will understand this. Finally after putting our little ones to sleep, this is what runs in our minds, oh she is grown up, how creative God is that He choose a girl's womb for a human being to be born, that tiny fetus which grew up to a baby inside the womb, how my baby might have lived in that dark, it grew up with our flesh and blood how miraculous it is to see the same baby in our arms looking at us, smiling and call us mamma. Wow, how wonderful we feel, it's only after we become a mother, we get to understand how much our mother has sacrificed for us.

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