Because Our Eyes Have Made Silent Promises Of 'Forever' To Each Other

Naina Naina in Your Story on 24 February, 2018

Opposite personalities attract? Is it the ultimate truth? This stereotype wouldn't have been proven false until I met Him.

It is indeed bliss to have someone of the same wavelength. We dream. We live. We laugh. We cry. We run. We play. But most importantly we love.

He may not have the same perspective as I have, but somewhere, we have an amazing connection. Well, I can surely confess that I am a bit scared, scared to chase my dreams, scared of being judged, mostly scared of being left alone. But, he is not. Not even a bit. And so we are different, too. Yes, we are different, so very different. But yet we have things in common. I have been strong indeed, even in the most critical times of my life. I am an adaptive person, very quickly I learn and unlearn things.

But when you have a very precious thing, which has already occupied most parts of your life, won't you feel like keeping it with you forever? Would you be ready to lose it? No, right? Then isn't my fear justified?

But I never fail to cherish his presence. I never let my stupid fear cast dark clouds on the bright sun of our love. Every time he is with me, it feels as if we have known each other for ages and yet every little thing of his seems so new. It has been more than a year now, yet I look at him as if I am looking at him for the first time. His not-so-big but sparkling eyes, reflecting the fire within him - the fire to conquer the world of his dreams or maybe the fire of love he has stored for me. And those little lines at the corners of his eyes every time he smiles, perfectly adds to the beauty of his face. That symmetrically perfect cute nose of his. And his smile. Oh my, oh my! The most beautiful thing in my world is his smile. Oh, those shiny white teeth and the amazing curve of his lips. It is the secret weapon that he uses to make me forget about the argument that we were having just a few seconds ago. I observe all his features even more than a 21st-century person does before buying a gadget. Yet all these things seem so new that I want time to take a pause, while I look at him. I so badly want to tell him how much he means to the scared and innocent heart of mine. But then I fall short of words. Even I don’t want to sound clingy. But yes, it’s true, my heart just sinks when he isn’t with me.

Maybe because life seems so colorful when he is around, and in his absence, just black and white.

It won’t be the first heartbreak that I’ll face if someday he chooses to leave. But he says he won’t leave. And I do believe him. He says that he loves me. And I know this. He says that he will love me till the end of time. And yes, he does mean it, I can tell. I don’t know much about the end of time, but he loves me till the end of every day, just to make sure I don’t go to bed with a dull face. The way he looks at me, with so much contentment, as if he has found exactly what he had wanted, with so much satisfaction, as if I am his home, so overwhelmed with happiness, as if no one has ever loved him as I do. That look melts me and makes me want to die a thousand deaths. When he looks straight into my eyes, I feel a sense of telepathy between us. It seems like he is telling me to keep calm, to have faith in him, for he will make everything alright. He’ll protect me from every evil soul out there, he’ll always be there beside me, to love me and to hold me, to care for me and to scold me when I need it, and mostly to make me perfect. He says, I have beautiful eyes and so he keeps gazing at them. It reminds me of Rahat Fateh Ali’s “Naino ki jheel me utra tha yunhi dil, dooba jaye dooba, dooba jaye”. Oh yes! And thus my name Naina is justified.

We barely say anything about how much we need each other, how much we love each other, but our eyes speak. They have already made silent promises of forever to each other.

I may be a bad swimmer, but, mind you, he is good at it. So never ever does he leave a chance to dive into the depths of my eyes and get drenched with love. I can never tell him how much I love him. I won’t ever get enough of him, as a complete day falls short to cherish his presence. When did he become so important to me? When did I get so attracted to him? He is mine now and if God blesses us, I may have a lifetime to rejoice with him. Yet I choose my now to cherish him. Nothing is better than having him in my life.

Newton’s Law (Law of Attraction) seems true, when he is with me. And, well similarities attract too.
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