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Baba, I Don’t Want Another Life In This Cruel World Where People Like You Exist

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*For representational purpose only.

It's neither your story nor mine; it's the story of that boy who saw more than of his age. He is the one who couldn't complain against his parents. I'm writing this on behalf of that soul.

"I do not come from a poor family. We have every earthy thing in our life except love. Some stories chanted to me by my Maa. I don't know whom to support.

 It was an arranged marriage of my parents. With everyone's support and blessings, it was a complete marriage. But during her trimester, she came to know that Baba is committed to another girl. Her heart was broken into pieces. "Maa tumne pucha kyu nehi?" - I asked in wonder.

"Shaadi ke baad paati sab kuch hota hai, ye culture hai aur main iske against nehi ja payungi"- she replied.

Really Baba, is that a culture of a high-class family? You must have an extramarital affair and spoil your domestic peace and all. Isn't it?

You know Baba, once, I was in mother's lap and playing with her, suddenly she blubbered in grief. I was not able to get this. But I erased her tears.

You know I can't memorize all the disgusting retention of my early childhood in my deathbed.

You hadn't come to my birth; even you dismissed to admit this. Why Baba?

You questioned my mother's womb, you cursed me.

I'm your only son. Why didn't you try to rear me up like Shrestha and Sushem?

I was slapped by you when I used slang in my infancy. Have you ever bothered about where did I come to know such words?

It was from you and Maa when you both used to fall out with each other every night because of that girl and abuse. Questions remain a burden upon me. They are chasing me. How can I sleep in peace? In my every birthday, you organized such a glorious party. But you were always absent, Mr. Businessman. Even these nights were my nightmare, especially for my mother because she was beaten every night. Do know Baba, it is a case of domestic violence, you would be imprisoned but money can buy everything.

I can clearly remember that very night when you addressed Maa as a 'whore'.

I am not sure about the meaning of this word. Maybe, whore is the one who is a victim of domestic brutality and being cheated on by her husband. Why did you address her like this when you didn't have any evidence? Yeah, you are her so-called, “Pati Parmeshwar.” So you can rape her, beat her and put her through.

I am now 15 but my eyes, ears, and all other organs are more matured than my age.

Can you remember that night? I was only 9 years old. It was too difficult to engulf. A rainy night, you came with your mistress at home. You repulsed us from our room. Yeah, you slept with another woman. You never loved and admitted me as your son. Why did you allow Maa to give birth to an unwanted child? You had all powers; you should have terminated her pregnancy before my birth.

You are a hypocrite, characterless, and selfish man.

Oops, I shouldn't use such words because I come from an aristocratic family where my mother's character was questioned.

Mother did correct that she left you. How can an educated girl deal with such nagging? You hadn't even search for her. I was good in education and sports but did you even bother? No, I have a ton of complaints against you. Your wine glass could hear my tears. Your late night messages know my eyes.

Really I knew everything more than my age because you dragooned me to consume the hardest truth. That day I was vomiting, I didn't know the reason. Days turned into months and months to a year, my situation got broken down.

That time you showed your concern because Maa left you and you were being asked several questions.

Thanks to God, he gave me 'blood cancer'. I became much sick because of the blood flow in my veins, got frustrated for my lineage and austere aristocracy. That nasty blood and its corpuscles must be demolished. I'm praying for a good life after my eternity. There my mother will forestall each and every devilish thing like you. You made my earthy life a hell. Before leaving this world, I would like to bestow those curses in return. Thank you for making my life disgusting. I don't want another birth in this cruel world where such people exist."

That's all his story guys. He was not able to write it in his deathbed. He is not with us or maybe he got his dreamed life.

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