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As We Grow Older, Nothing But Our Perspective Changes And That's The Catch

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Turning a year older brings life into perspective. Your wishes and hopes may be far from reality and probably, your life will have taken a different course from what you imagined. You might be taking up new habits and dropping others.

Either way, your life is moving on.

In those moments of questioning yourself, sort of like taking stock, you realize that growth isn't always about the physical things that you have acquired over the years. You gather a stock of every aspect of your life. It's like walking out of your body and looking in from an outsider’s or different perspective. Here's what I know, it's not worth losing yourself to conform to other peoples’ perception of you. That's their burden, not yours. Friends will disappoint you every now and then. You'll feel left out or let down but it's probably because of the expectations you have of them.

Family, you will get to know its importance and that it doesn't matter how they became family, but you are blood. They say it's thicker than water.

You will find that each obstacle has a purpose. A meaning. You will learn that sometimes things are never as serious as you consider them to be. Let go and learn. Fall if you must but don't lose your mind over tiny errors.

Sometimes you will find it hard to follow your heart because you are conflicted and then you'll realize that you don't have to be perfect.

Breaking hearts and getting yours broken are just the perks of being human. You will love and lose. You will yearn and lack. You will cry but it won't mean you're a loser. You will achieve and not feel satisfied. You will dream but not achieve.

You will fall and stay down before you pick yourself up.

You will fear but you may have to face it at one point. Your peers will progress, and your life will seem to be on hold, don't beat yourself up. You will struggle with your confidence, your self-worth, religion, your general outlook towards life and then realize that there's nothing wrong with who you are.

You will learn that it's okay not to be okay. Then you will know that being true to yourself will give you a sense of peace and happiness, no matter what's going on in your life. Don't leave your life hanging out to dry on the shelf. Live it. Love it.

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