All I Wanted To Do Was Sit By His Window, Sip On Some Coffee And Cuddle Him

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 29 April, 2018

This happened a long time back. But yesterday’s rain reminded me of a cute incident. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. My boyfriend and I were so much in love with each other that we ended up talking till 5 a.m. one night.

He fell asleep while talking to me. I didn't angry when he did this. In fact, I thought it was cute. But I was feeling fresh though I hadn’t slept at all.

I was staying in a hostel and we had to adhere to our hours of curfew. It was tough but I didn’t have a choice.

I changed sides on my bed and started reading our conversation backwards. I then realized that it had started pouring. The rain made me feel cozier.

Suddenly I started feeling restless. I wanted to spend this beautiful morning with him. He had the coolest windows in his bedroom. I started daydreaming.

I visualized both of us sipping coffee by his window while we enjoyed the rain and cuddled each other.

I woke up my roommate and told her that I was missing Abhi badly. She told me that the gates would open only after 25 minutes. I rushed to the bathroom, took a shower and got ready to surprise him.


I really think that the cabs are the best part of living in South Bombay (apart from Marine Drive). Cabs had always helped me reach my hostel before our curfew hours began. I got into a cab now and reached his place within 7 minutes.

I rang the doorbell thrice but he didn’t answer. I was already drenched and was feeling chilly from inside.

I tried calling him but he was still sleeping. After a while, I started fuming and was quite upset. I wondered who slept like that. I thought of calling him one last time. I decided to go back to my hostel if he didn’t pick up my call. I dialled again.

But I had no luck. I was about to go downstairs when he called me. All my anger melted with the rain.

I picked up his call immediately and said, “Open the damn door.” My voice was quivering in the cold. He said, “What?” I said, “I’m at the door.” I started ringing his doorbell continuously.


He opened the door and kept gazing at me through the safety door. His eyes were dizzy and he was checking me out. I said, “Will you open it? It’s getting cold.” He said, “Yeah. Sorry.” He opened the door and I got inside.

He took my bag and my jacket and started smelling my hair while we hugged. I said, “I’m all drenched. Get away.” I pushed him away. He said, “I like my breakfast today. Thank you.” He then pulled me by my waist and before he could go ahead with his plans, I started sneezing.

I looked at him apologetically. He smiled and kissed my forehead. He got me his t-shirt and a towel. He then went to his kitchen to make coffee. His kittens had come out and had started brushing themselves on my feet.

I was so engrossed in fondling them that I did not realize that he had been watching me all this while. We drank our coffee by the window just like I had visualized it in my dream earlier. It was the most amazing morning ever. The rain continued to pour outside.

I could feel the rush of adrenaline in my body when I suddenly felt his beard on my shoulder. I started getting goosebumps and dropped the cup. I got hyper now and started apologizing to him. He shushed me, picked me up in his arms and asked, “Bedroom or couch?” I said, “What?”

But we were already on the couch by then. I guess he was finding it difficult to carry me properly. I don’t know. Maybe he could not wait till we reached his bedroom. He put me on the couch.

This couch had seen a different version of me every time. Sometimes I was bold, sometimes I was shy, sometimes I was in a jacket and sometimes I was naked.

We started kissing when we suddenly saw something move. I saw one of his kittens on his shoulder. She was gazing right into my eyes. Another one was sitting on my bag and looking at us with a tilted face.

I didn’t want him to stop kissing me but I could not control my laughter. I told him to take a look at them. He took her off his shoulder and we laughed our hearts out.

He is not with me anymore. But I think he too will always cherish all those memories that our love gave us. Those memories belong only to both of us. Only we know how much we still love each. Maybe our circumstances did not favour us and it became difficult for us to get married.

But I am sure all these memories will help us move on with our lives.
Editor's Note:

We can consider ourselves rich if we have experienced such wondrous experiences in our lives. Life may not always work out the way we had visualized it. But nobody can deprive us of creating joyous times for ourselves. Do share this story because often the best things happen to us only when we do things impulsively and intuitively. Let’s learn to follow our hearts and do whatever we feel like whenever we get a chance to do so.