All I Want Is A Second Chance To Prove My Love To You And I Know You Won’t Regret It

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 15 October, 2018

Yes, my girlfriend did not give me a second chance. But I learnt so much from that one experience.

Often we fall deeply in love with a person. Everything seems like a ‘dream come true'.

With each passing day, we learn new things about each other. Our love blossoms when we enter the next phase of our relationship. We now start feeling more comfortable with each other. There are no secrets between us. We share the happenings of our day with each other every single day. And just when things start flowing smoothly in our relationship, something goes wrong.

And all that we once had - is shattered in that one moment.

Perhaps it is a fight. Maybe it is a conversation. Maybe it is just a wrong move or even a wrong assumption. But this creates several differences in our minds now.

And the only thing that increases after this is the distance between us.

If we truly love a person, we should always give them several second chances all through our lives. But what exactly does a second chance mean? A second chance means all of this and more…


          1. Listen to what your partner has to say. Don’t talk.

Perhaps your partner has done something terrible to you. Maybe you had not expected your partner to do this to you. Maybe you had never even thought of such things.

You feel your fury is justified. But often, you fail to listen to him.

You only end up venting out your emotions. You keep telling him how he has managed to break your heart.  It may be difficult to do this. But try doing it. Just try to listen to what your partner has to say.

In situations like these, you tend to become a poor listener and an excellent critic. All you need to do is to listen and learn.

          2. Understand that he really wants to be with you.

Maybe the bond between the two of you is ruined beyond repair right now. But that does not mean you did not have a good time with him.

A relationship, however long or short it may be, isn’t based on good times alone.

You will have bad times too. And you will have to face them. It’s really as simple as that.

          3. Accept an apology gracefully.

If a person apologizes to you repeatedly and is ready to change his ways for you-you really need to reflect on it.

Hopefully, you will realize that somewhere down the line you too are at fault.

Maybe then you will accept that apology and move ahead with your life.

          4. Patch up and appreciate his willingness to change his ways.

Everybody makes mistakes. You too will. We are human beings after all. A break-up happens only if a person is reluctant to patch up with you. But if your partner is keen on patching up with you and is willing to change his ways for you – he truly deserves a second chance.

And when you do give him that second chance, he will go out of the way to make you feel like you matter to him.

He will surely mend his ways for you – willingly – because he truly loves you.


          5.Respect his honesty.

We all make mistakes. But we also learn from our mistakes, redefine our relationships and elevate them to a more mature level. It’s okay if your partner has made a mistake.

What matters more is his willingness to rectify his mistake. Respect his honesty because you matter more to him than you think you do.

He will always be very honest about his feelings with you. He will openly express his thoughts to you and will value your thoughts and feelings too now because he doesn’t want to lose you again.  So give him that second chance. He deserves it.

         6. He can live without you. But he doesn’t really want to.

Both of you had a life of your own before you met each other. Both of you will have a life of your own even after you split up. But you will feel all the more special when you have him by your side through thick and thin. And that is the whole point of being in a relationship.

He wants a life with you. Not without you.

A mistake or two should never affect a relationship adversely. It may be difficult for you to forgive him for the mistake he made. It may be difficult for you to forget the pain. But think about the love that you shared when you were together in your good times. Trust your gut and give him a second chance.

         7. Don’t live with regrets.

You never really know. Maybe the person who broke your heart is still yearning to set things right in the relationship. Maybe he is the one for you – forever and ever. So, don’t end up living with the regret that you let him go out of your life because of that one terrible situation you faced in your life.

And when you look at things objectively like this, you will realize that when you give him a second chance- you are actually giving yourself a second chance too.
Author's Note:

My name is Ankit Kaushik. I wrote this story because I believe that by following these simple tips we can create a good life for ourselves.

Editor's Note:

When the heart is hurt, the mind loses its ability to think rationally – at least for a while. Only when we think through things, later on, do we gain this kind of clarity. Do share this sensible story because every nugget of wisdom that is mentioned here is worth reflecting upon. All too often, we give up too easily on our loved ones. Let's give all our loved ones several chances all through our lives because all of us are worth loving.