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After Seven Long Years Of Love And Struggle, I Married The Strong Woman I Had Fallen For

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Meeting you was the best thing that happened to me. I am a 24-year-old man married to the love of my life. She is a 26-year-old, strong woman.

Our story began at a religious gathering for Muharram and we hit it off almost immediately.

We met in 2011, and spent most of our time chatting, emailing and meeting with each other over a course of the next two years. In those days I had a crush on a girl from my class and I got into a short-term relationship with her, which did not end on a good note, but it got me closer to my best friend and my future wife.

We came from the same caste, hence it was not very difficult for us to convince our parents about getting married.

The age difference called for a different scenario altogether. It took us nearly half a year to convince our parents but, in the end, we did reach our goal. We faced a lot of resistance from the society, our friends and other family members. We faced criticism, got boycotted by our group of friends, and people would go to great lengths to get us to fall apart but nothing stopped us from being together.

I would be lying if I said that we didn't have any quarrels among ourselves for separation but yes we beat the odds and got engaged when I was 20.

Things changed after that. The society just couldn't leave us on our own and we would face the same resistance throughout. We could feel the heat and the gravity of hatred and jealousy that people around us showed us behind their smiling masks. But it didn’t stop us from feeling what we felt about each other.

In the climax, we got married after 7 long years of dating, struggle, togetherness and patience.

In our journey, both our parents were of great support who would shield us from all our haters and critics. Today we are parents to a beautiful son who was blessed to us by Jesus himself on our anniversary. I write my heart out as a gift to my wife this Valentine's day '18. I regularly read the stories here and so I wanted to share my story.

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