After He Broke Up With Her, He Invited Me To His Party

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I am a 19-year-old girl. I fell in love after I finished my 10th standard exams with my once-upon-a-time best friend. When he proposed to me, I didn't take any time to say yes. He always made me feel special.

Our relationship was special but we were more like best friends. We often met in groups. I loved him way too much. We never hugged or kissed each other. We were still very much in love.

During his college fest, I wanted to spend time with him. He seemed least interested in me. He was busy with his friends. When I confronted him about it, he ignored and asked me to go and talk to my friends. I had no friends there so I preferred trying to stay there and mingling with his group. When I finally said that I wanted to go home, he said, 'Okay bye!'

When his other friend left, he accompanied her till the gate. When I asked about it, he broke up with me over texts. I tried hard to understand what went wrong. I kept trying for three months. He never bothered to reply. Then I got to know from a friend of his that he was seeing someone else and was in love with her. I was shocked and disheartened.

It's been one and a half year since then. I still can't forget him. He is dating someone else now. It kills to see him posting cute pictures with her on Facebook and on Instagram.

It had been two years and I was texting him once in three months. He often told that he loves his then-girlfriend. One fine day, I got to know that she broke up with him. His friend invited us to a party. He seemed very upset and lost all the while.

As the time passed by, we were looking at each other and couldn't stop ourselves. The power went off and we were trying to search for candles. That's when we ended up making out. The power was back and we were caught by the friends in an awkward situation. Nobody said a word but I felt embarrassed. I wanted to leave and he walked me to the gate. I hugged him and asked if it meant anything to him or should I forget it assuming that it was just a mistake?
He went home and texted me saying that he wants me in his life. I was happy and we were back.

Three months passed by and this is the fourth month. He is back to being his old self. He hardly has any time for me. Just that I'm studying in second year engineering. He quit his college and has no girls to talk to expect me.

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