After Eight Long Months, I Am Still Waiting For My Parents To Love This Adorable Introvert

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 24 March, 2018


Being an introvert, I always had very few friends whom I trusted blindly and never had a relationship. Both my parents were working and they always took care of my resources but failed to provide me with their time and affection.

I didn’t share a close relationship with my mother. She was a working woman which kept her busy all the time.

But whenever I tried sharing anything wit her, she always found everything wrong. So, I started telling her lies.

It hurt me to see that my mother could never understand what I was feeling or going through. She never paid attention to me. I understand that it was not her fault entirely. She was working only to give us the best. But I was a child who was craving her mother’s care and affection.

I had a break up after which I stopped trusting people completely and didn’t care to talk with anyone - be it my friends or family.

But one of my friends helped me cope up with the loss. She supported me during my depression period and I started to feel myself again. That’s when my parents began to find matches for me.


Suddenly one day, my dad informed me that a potential match was coming to see me tomorrow. I didn’t even see his photo nor had any clue about his education and qualification, let alone his name.

I shouted at my mom because they invited him over without even asking me. Being helpless, I had no option but to meet the guy. So, the next day we met and we introduced each other.

While we were talking he asked me not to check my Facebook messages. I got confused, I didn’t understand why. Later I came to know that he had left me few messages on Facebook before coming to meet me. I didn’t know his name then, so I assumed him to be some random stranger sending me messages.

After he left, I replied to his messages and we started talking regularly. We shared our views and it turned out that we shared the same tastes in almost everything. He was also a shy guy.

After exchanging few talks, we decided to meet one day. He came to meet me and everything was going fine. We both were a simple kind of person.

It was into our 8 months of our relationship when my parents found a match for me. They had no clue about my already existing relationship.

So, I decided to break the news to them and I always imagined that they would accept my proposal. As he was the guy they had introduced me to first and we even belonged to the same community. To my surprise, my parents didn’t agree.

They didn’t like him and they wanted me to go with the other guy which they had chosen for me.

I didn’t know how to explain to my parents that I can’t marry the guy they chose because I have been in a relationship since 8 months. I was not so open to them, and it was my mistake that I didn’t inform them in the beginning.

This was my last chance to be happy and I didn’t want to lose it.

I knew I need to be strong and fight for myself. I could never let him go. He was one of the best things that had ever happened to me; he was supportive and friendly. I felt free and secured in his company.


After a lot of struggle, my father accepted my proposal but he said that he would only decide after having a thorough check of his background. I am still waiting for the day when my parents accept it.

If any day they tell me yes, that will be the happiest day of my life.

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