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A Lifetime Of Loving Later, This Is The End I See

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Love! Everyone says it's a wonderful feeling. One should fall in love at least once in their lifetime. Sometimes, this wonderful feeling can turn out to be a nightmare for a person. Yes, a nightmare indeed.

I used to love a girl. She was my childhood friend. In class 6, when I was just an immature kid I used to love my friend. She was my classmate. I used to love her like anything. She knew about my feelings. After a 3 year long wait, she proposed me.

Suddenly my life changed. She came into my life as a blessing. We were very happy together. We spent the best phase of our life together. I was totally dependent on her and she was leaning on me. After 7 years of being in a relationship, she recently moved to Bangalore for her higher studies in July.

She was crying and was sad the day she left. She thought I would forget her. But I didn't. I went to Bangalore just to be with her in August. Then we met in October again. I just wanted to shorten the distance between us somehow or the other, so that she doesn't feel alone and insecure. I did everything possible from my side. I had a blind faith in her.

I never thought she could forget me. She was my life. After her semester was over, she came back in November. And the day we met, she said that she had lost her feelings for me. It took me 3-4 days to believe that it was true. In a moment, all my dreams were shattered.

Everything changed for me. I begged her to come back to my life and cried like anything. I requested her a lot, did everything possible to make her happy. But she doesn't even care for my feelings now. My tears don't bother her anymore, my tears are just a source of irritation for her.

I don't know what made you change, my love. But you just ruined me.

I won't be able to trust anyone else again in my life. Nowadays, a general misconception is that "men are dogs" and they cheat. But this isn't true always.

I was there for her in her every up and down. But she left me suddenly without giving any proper reason. Now I cannot sleep at night for the past one month. I cannot concentrate on anything. I just keep on crying all day long. Did I really deserve this for the love I gave to her? For loving her with all my heart for the past 10 years?

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