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A Letter To The Lady Who Married My Lover: You Have Him, I Don't

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Mrs. XYZ,

I know we haven't met but still I felt the urge to write this. You married the man who was once mine. Like any other couple we had dreams. Dreams of living together, waking next to him and so on. Everything was perfect but then nothing great lasts forever.

Society didn't allow us to be together and so he married you. 

Trust me dear, the day he married you, for me he wasn't my man. Never! Falling in love is easy but falling out of love is difficult. Your husband is in love but unfortunately, still with me.

I won't call him my man now because I don't have any rights on him. He is your husband! I know you hate me and that's justified. But hating me isn't a solution.

We haven't met ever and I know you don't even like my existence. But how am I at fault? Why do you blame me for this mishap? How fair is it to call me a home breaker?!

"Society" has different names for such women! 'Witch', 'the other woman' etc etc. But did anyone bother to ask for my opinion? No. He became a stranger to me the day you married him, I swear.

You both exchanged vows and promised to be loyal to each other but my dear, he broke your trust. He didn't keep his promise. I had never promised you anything. So you blaming only me isn't sensible. I don't want to be the other woman in anyone's life.

I loved a man who was mine for a period of time but now he isn't the same and so he can't be mine. I get it. You have his surname, you share his bed, obviously you are getting the perks associated to being his wife. 

What's there that for me in all this? So why do you hate me? I hope someday you will realise this.

And I hope some day, our society will change their mindset as well. 

Someone you hate the most.

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