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A Letter To The Child Molester(s) Who Scarred My Life Forever: I Hope It Was Worth It

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*For representational purpose only.

Dear Men (who found it very important to molest me when I was a child),

You never realised how it feels to be at the receiving end. A child, molested before she even knew what sexuality was all about. Before she could explore her beautiful body.

Before she could choose the man she wanted to touch for the first time.

You did it for fun, for passion, maybe you couldn't control yourself, maybe you thought it was nothing, maybe you thought she wouldn't even remember. Reasons valid enough for you to snatch away a child's innocence. 

I have shut myself up so many times with pillows when all I have wanted to do is scream, I have kept myself alive when I wanted to die.

I have been the silent wind when all I wanted to do was to show the world the side of you that you showed me before I even knew what the dark side of a human being looks like.

I was ashamed because I didn't know any better. You think we forget? You think that we forgive? We can't. It haunts us all our lives. It haunts us even when we are the most intimate with the lovers of our lives or when we want a casual f***. It haunts us everyday.

My innocence is what you robbed off me. My sexuality is what you have scarred and I can never forget that, as much as I want to, as strong as I am, as hard as I have tried. You took away the most beautiful experience of my life before I could even know what it was.

This rant is not enough to describe how I feel about you in my head but it's something. I don't know what you got out of what you did but I really hope it was worth it.

-Your hater for life. 

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