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This Is How Instagram Made Me Famous In 1 Month

I spend most of my weekends with my cousin. So 3 years ago, I was at my her place where one of my younger sisters told me about Instagram. Yeah! I was pretty outdates back then, 3 years back, I didn't even know what Instagram was and how it worked?

In Tumse Ho Payega on 18 January, 2017

I Don't Treat My Son And Daughter Equally

"You must never ever hurt a girl," I dutifully explained to my 8-year-old son as part of my ongoing effort as a self-proclaimed feminist to raise my son to be a perfect gentlemen. I also, as all mums should, show him the public service messages that the ad world routinely creates such...

In Single Women Bad Women on 8 January, 2017

I Love You But He Will Decide If We Can Be Together

I joined work almost four years ago. Our projects were to be assigned a month later. The initial days were fun and frolic, the trainees would have a cup of coffee together, have lunches in the office cafeteria together and leave for our respective places in the evening.

In Culture Shock on 30 December, 2016

I Was A 24-Year-Old Virgin And It Was Okay Until...

I waited, or did I not have a choice? I'd like to believe that I had a choice. I mean it's just sex, right? Everybody has it, mom and dad sure did. Why then did I wait for so long? Now that I've had it, it doesn't feel so sacred anymore.

In Dirty Picture on 28 December, 2016